5 Steps to Care for Your Clothes

Here are five quick easy things to know about garment care before you head over to the cleaners:

  1. Check Those Pockets This is normally done by the cleaners but in there is a possiblity of human error.  Small pieces of candy can be overlooked and can cause an unwanted stain on your garment.
  2. Avoid Removing the Stain Yourself – Sometimes you are unsure of how to remove that milk, grease or wine stain.  When in doubt, take it to the cleaners right away and point it out.  Because certain fabrics act differently to different elements, any attempt on your part to remove the stain may cause the stain to set permanently.
  3. Take Out Collar Stays – This is another normal procedure of the cleaners but sometimes in the small chance it is overlooked, they can be lost in the wash. 
  4.  Read Clothing Labels Carefully – Every article of clothing has a label that contains at least one safe cleaning method for it.   If it says “Dry Clean Only” and you wash it, there is a possibiblity of ruining your garment.
  5. Identify Specialty Pins/Buttons – If your garment has any sort of speciality pin or buttons, make sure you point them out.  The cleaners will take the necessary steps to protect them or you may decide to remove them and reattach them later.

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