“This cleaners doesn’t use any chemicals when dry cleaning your clothes. I brought my wedding dress there and they weren’t sure if they would be able to get out a huge red wine stain-but it came out no problem. Just so you know, my mom did have some troubles when she asked them to make a small alteration to a dress-first they forgot, then they did a horrible job, then wanted her to pay again. But I was very impressed with the cleaning.”

– Megan H.

“My wife and I have been taking our cleaning here since 2005. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality they put out. My wife had this brand new white silk blouse that she thought she had ruined from a big coffee spill. I really thought I would see a faint impression of the stain but when she picked it up, I was quite amazed there was not even a trace of it left. I highly recommend this cleaner. They are very friendly and have excellent service.”



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